To allow all Evolve Fitness members the opportunity to enjoy the classes they want to attend, we have created the following No Show Policy:

If you are signed up for a class and fail to attend—or if you fail to cancel your spot in the class within 12 hours of its start time—you will be charged a $10 no show fee (the price of a class drop-in). This policy applies to everyone, including unlimited members, FreePlay users, and those who use a punch pass or drop into classes.

Why did you create this policy?

  • We have a set number of spots in each class at Evolve Fitness. When someone has a spot reserved in a class, and another member is not able to get into the class (is on the waitlist), we expect that the member will either show up to the class or cancel early enough that we can allow someone from the wait list to take her spot.

  • We have several members who have been reserving their favorite classes indefinitely, to make sure they get a spot, but then not coming to all of the classes they have reserved; as stated above, they are taking a spot from someone on the wait list who could have been let into the class.

  • We did NOT create this policy as a way to make money; in fact, we resisted creating a no show policy for as long as we could, but it has become a problem and we want everyone to have a chance to attend classes.

  • Above all, we just want people to be aware of which classes they are signed up for and to remember to cancel when they know they won’t be able to attend.

What happens if I have an emergency or unforeseen circumstance?

If you have an emergency (e.g. car trouble, injury, sick child) and are not able to cancel within 12 hours of the class start time, please email and we can work with you. We know that things happen and life is unpredictable!

Thanks for helping us make the Evolve experience the best it can be for every member!