Evolve is more than amazing High Fitness, yoga, barre, Zumba, weight, circuit, pilates, sculpting, and dance classes. It's more than pristine studio spaces built for workouts ranging from zen to all-out party. It's more than a schedule that fits your life. It's more than traditional gym childcare experiences. It's a place to connect, push yourself, get stronger, gain confidence, and feel your best.

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Your typical gym daycare is dirty, scary, and survival of the fittest. At Evolve, we offer high-quality KidFit classes at the same time as many of our adult fitness classes. That means while you're getting your workout in, your young children can be moving, learning, growing, and socializing—all under the care of our KidFit instructors. 


Because we share our space with both dance and karate studios, we will have a select few children's dance and karate classes held at the same time as adult fitness classes, making it convenient to fit both in.